Friday, November 12, 2010

double down

and no, i am not referencing this cartiac destroyer.
love days off of work as they always seem to lead to lunches out! 
we tried to go to new hong kong snackhouse but i think they were closed for the holiday...darn it, i could have really gone for one of those soy sauce boiled eggs that comes with the sparerib with rice and some chinese perogies.  oh well, next time i have $5 in my pocket for lunch i'll head straight there!
my mom and i are adventurous eaters i would say...if we drive by a joint and we like the sign, we'll go in.  and that's what happened yesterday.  double greeting chinese snack house was around the corner and open, two criteria that these hungry ladies were looking for. 
the place is very straightforward with no bells or whistles and filled with what seemed to be regulars. the menus are on the table when you get there, and the service was more than courteous and helpful in this charming little seemingly family-run joint (although i'm pretty sure the server backhandedly called us fat).  keep in mind please that the place got bonus points as soon as we sat down as they keep a bottle of that seriously good red vinegar on each table.  why is it that at most dim sum places in winnipeg i practically have to beg for this vinegar?  at the places we frequented in vancouver is was plentifully available.  there was also a cute chinese grandpa that we frequently saw at sun sui wah who brought his own flask of the red vinegar in his bag!...i understand, as it is just that necessary to a good dim sum experience!

the very nice server recommended the "b" which was curry shanghai fried rice noodles, and the "4" which was shrimp dumpling in superior soup, both of which we ordered.  since we are asian soup people at heart, we also ordered the wonton soup (which was recommended on urbanspoon), the roasted pork buns, and bbq pork rice rolls.  the food arrived, smelled incredible and i was in for the long haul...i started with the rice roll which was exactly what is to be expected, although i needed to add both vinegar and soy sauce to mine.  the bbq pork inside was tasty, but lacking in proportion to the roll itself.  the curry noodles followed which were excellent, if not a little bit on the greasy side.  and then i got to my soup, which i was so very excited for.  my mom took one bite, looked at me and said "you are not going to like this". 

there are a few reasons why she might think it was possible that i wouldn't like it: 
1.  i have texture issues.  if the dumplings were too soft, i wouldn't be pleased.
2.  i have meat issues.  if the pork was too fatty, or if tripe was included...let's just say i wouldn't jump for joy.
then i realized what she was talking least favourite herb had come to the party.  the dreaded cilantro.  i know i have mentioned my disdain for this evil little herb, that is always lurking around the corner in every mexican, middle eastern or asian restaurant i eat at.  i hate it.  and so do many others, genetically speaking.  i don't facebook, but i may just join the "we hate cilantro" facebook group to make a point! 

so let's just say i didn't enjoy the soup.  but that doesn't mean it wasn't good.  my mom ate every bite, and i worked around the cilantro broth and ate a few dumplings (which were a little soft on the outside, but the pork and shrimp were perfection).  oh, and the roasted pork buns were scrumptious.
all in all, double greeting scored a 7/10 for me, and a 7.5/10 for my mom, granting them a lovely 14.5/20.

posts may be lacking in the next few days as we (and our friend nicole) are holing up in the house and committing to a dexter season 1 (and maybe 2?) marathon weekend.  there will be gourmet treats...but i might be too couch potatoey to get to a computer.
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